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When The Music Stops


Music….Reality….Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference / But we as entertainers have a responsibility, to these kids… Psyche


If I, were to die, murdered in cold blood tommorrow, would you feel sorrow, or show love, or would it matter?/Could never be the lead-off batter if there ain't sh*t for me to feed off, I'm see-saw battlin'/but there's way too much at stake for me to be fake, there's too much on my plate, I done came way/too far in this game, to turn and walk away, and not say what I got to say/what the f*ck you take me for, a joke? You smokin' crack? 'Fore I do that, I'd beg Mariah to take me back/I'll get up 'fore I get down, gun myself in the ground, 'fore I put some wack sh*t out/I'm tryin' to smack this one out the park, five-thousand mark, y'all steady tryin' to drown a shark/ain't gon' do nothin' but piss me off, lid to the can of whip ass, just twist me off/see me leap out, pull a piece out, f*ck shootin', I'm just tryin' to knock his teeth out/f*ck with me now bitch, let's see you freestyle, talk is cheap, motherf*cker, if you really feelin' froggish, leap/yo Slim, you gon' let him get away with that? He tried to play you, you can't let him skate with that/man I hate this crap, this ain't rap, this is crazy the way we act, when we confuse hip hop/with real life when the music stops


Ain't no getting' rid of McVeigh, if so you woulda tried, the only way I'm leavin' this bitch is suicide/I have died clinically, arrived ride back at my enemies' crib with Hennessey, got drunk then I finish him/I'm every nigga's favorite arch enemy, physically fitted to be the most dangerous nigga with beef/I spark willingly, with a dillinger in the dark, dilligently, I'm not what you think/I appear to be f*cked up, mentally endangered, I can't stay away from a razor, I just want my face in a paper/I wish a nigga had a grenade to squeeze tight to awake neighbors for acres/I'll murder you, I gauge have me turn into a mad man, son of sam bitch, I'm surgical/I'm allergic to dyin', you think not, you got balls? We can see how large/when the music stops

(Kon Artis)

I was happy havin' a deal at first, thought money would make me happy, but it only made my pain worse/It hurts when you see your friends turn their back on you, dog, and you ain't got nuttin' left but your word and your balls/and you're stressed from the calls of your new friends, beggin' with their hands out, checkin' for your record when it's sellin'/ when it ain't that's the end, no laughs, no friends, no girls, just the gin you drink, till your car spin/you think DAMN! When you slam into the wall, and you fall out the car and try to crawl with one arm/I'm bout to lose it all, in a pool of alcohol, if my funeral's tomorrow, wonder would they even call/when the music stops


Let's see how many of your men loyal, when I pull up lookin' for you with a pistol, sippin' a can of penzoil/I'm revved up, who said what, when lead bust your head just explode with red stuff, I'm handcuffed/tossed in the paddywagon, braggin' about how you shouted, like a coward, bullets devoured you, showered you niggas/If I was you niggas, I'd run while given a chance, understand, I can enhance the spirit of man/Death itself, it can hurt me, just the thought of dyin' alone that really irks me/you ain't worthy to speak thoughts of cheap talk, be smart and stop tryin' to walk how G's walk before we spark/hug the floor while we playin' tug-of-war with your life, f*ck a tour and a mike, I'd rather f*ck a whore with a knife/deliver that sh*t that coroner's like, you hype, poppin' sh*t in broad daylight, nigga you're a gonner at night/when the music stops


Instigators, turn pits in cages, let loose and bit the neighbors, wrist to razors/y'all don't want war, y'all want talk, in the dark, my dogs all bark like woof!/Proof nigga I'ma wolf, get your whole roof, caved in like reindeer hoofs/stomp the booth, shake, the floor tiles loose, the more y'all breath, sh*t, the more lose moves/It's Hill Street, this is hardcore blues, put a gun to rap check in all our dues/nigga, or make the news, betcha all move, when the uzi pop you better drop, when the music stop

(Bizarre) Music has changed my life in so many ways, brains confused been f*cked since the fifth grade/LL told me rock the bells, NWA said f*ck the police, now I'm in jail/'93 was strictly R&B, f*cked haircut, listenin' to Jodeci/ Michael Jackson who gonna tell me I ain't Mike? Ass cheeks painted white, f*ckin' Priscilla tonight/Flyin' down Sunset smokin' crack, transvestite in the front, Eddie Murphy in the back/MOP had grimy and gritty, Marilyn Manson, I died my hair blue, and grew some titties/Ludacris told me to throw them bows, now I'm in the hospital with a broken nose and a fractured elbow/voices in my head I'm goin' in shock, I'm reachin' for the glock, but the music stops...